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Fresh Credit Repair LeadsiCreditLeads offers fresh and real-time credit repair lead solutions.

Affordable LeadsWe have leads and marketing data/solutions to fit any marketing budget. We have fresh credit repair leads as low as $3.00 per lead & live leads starting at $8.00 per call.

Responsive LeadsOur credit restoration leads are consumers that need and want your service.

100% GuaranteedReturn any bad/bogus leads for a credit and replacement lead. Always get what you pay for with iCreditleads!


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"Been working with you guys for a long-time.. Always The Best!"

Michael, Total Reach Solutions

"Our number one choice for financial leads. Perfect!"

William, Lead Generation Experts

"The Leads are great and provide us with a steady flow of deals."

Alex G, Best Mortgage

"Phones ring daily with fresh prospects – thanks to the live lead option, Thanks!."

DCG, DCG Credit Repair