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Buy leads online or call to establish a lead buyer account with us. We have a few lead options for you to choose from online. You can also call us to discuss what options or products we have that may work well for you or your sales team.

Buy fresh leads and pay per lead. You can order 25 Leads – 200 Leads at a time. The cost of fresh internet leads are as follows:

25 Leads –   $159.00 
50 Leads –   $275.00
100 Leads – $499.00
200 Leads – $949.00

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Leads are delivered VIA email as a download link and come in Excel/CSV format. Allow 48 hours after payment for leads to start being delivered. On re-orders delivery is same day. You can choose to receive all leads as fast as possible or a few a day. Your choice! You can specify state specific leads or exclude states however this might delay the completion of the order slightly.

If you have Questions About Any Of Our Leads Call Us Anytime: (704) 462-7001

Live Phone Leads are available in limited quantities and not available in some areas. These leads sell out fast so we ask that you contact us before ordering to discuss what options we have available for your specific needs.

Live Leads Are Delivered In Real-Time – When the “lead” calls in for a consultation on credit repair YOUR phone rings. The number displayed on your caller ID will be a dedicated phone number we assign your order. This is how we track calls.

Cost Of Live Leads: (25 Call Min Order)
25-50 Live Calls – $15.00 Per Lead Call 
100 Live Calls – $12.50 Per Lead Call
250 Live Calls – $11.00 Per Lead Call
*There is 1 time Activation Fee For A Live Lead Account of $99 (Waived On Volume Orders)

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If you have Questions About Any Of Our Leads Call Us Anytime: (704) 462-7001

Telemarketin/Email Leads and Data

We offer all types of telemarketing & Marketing data that will help you grow your credit repair or restoration business. We have databases of Homeowners and Renters with bad credited and other data that is targeted “Bad Credit” cold leads. This is the same type of data and lists we use to generate some of or best leads.

1000 Tele Leads W/Emails – $99.00
2500 Tele Leads W/Emails – $130.00
5000 Tele Leads W/Emails – $199.00
10k Tele Leads W/EMails     -$250.00
50k Tele Leads W/Emails     -$499.00

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If you have Questions About Any Of Our Leads Call Us Anytime: (704) 462-7001